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  • Best SAT Prep App

    There’s definitely something fun about test-prep apps. You can carry them everywhere and do a little interactive practice any time you have a free moment. They may give you unexpected questions or guide your study in new and challenging directions. The good ones will respond to your input and help you zero in on the […]

  • The Best Calculators For the SAT

    Exciting news: you’re allowed to use a calculator on the second, and longer, section of math on the SAT. That’s about two-thirds of the total number of math questions on the test. That said, The College Board has a strict policy on what types of calculators are okay and which are not. You’re responsible for […]

  • Prepscholar sat review

    PrepScholar is a relatively new company, founded in 2013 by Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang. Both men earned perfect scores on the SAT, then moved on to a series of dazzling academic achievements (Harvard PhDs, anyone?) before joining forces to create PrepScholar. PrepScholar New SAT aims to avoid the weakness of most automated test-prep programs: […]

  • How To Find Old SAT Scores

    I took the SAT over 20 years ago. copacobana99 The year was 1995. Smashing Pumpkins just released “1979,” the O.J. Simpson trial was plastered on every television set, we were dancing the “Macarena,” and I had my sights set on college. I was a country kid in a modest farming community—not many of us were […]

  • how to become an SAT tutor

    People ask me how to become an SAT tutor pretty regularly. After all, I’ve built my career around preparing students all over the world to succeed in college by way of tutoring them for the SAT and ACT. But as much as we all genuinely love students, for me and many of my colleagues who […]