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  • When Did the SAT Start?

    Palms are sweating, hearts are pounding, backpacks are loaded with healthy snacks, scientific calculators, and freshly sharpened number two pencils—It’s a SAT Saturday and students are arriving at test centers across the country. There are a few rambunctious greetings, but mostly shy smiles and nervous chatter as students wait their turn to check in, clutching […]

  • When Do SAT Subject Scores Come Out?

    I know waiting is rough. You put a lot into studying for the SAT subject tests. You might even have the school of your dreams riding on them. You’re anxious to know if you need to retake them. You have a college application deadline coming soon. Or maybe you just made a bet with a […]

  • Which Colleges Require the SAT Essay?

    Tests can be intimidating. And for some students, adding a timed essay is downright terrifying. So as you sign up for the SAT, it’s easy to look at that optional essay and say “fuh-getta-bout-it.” I mean, who in their right mind would willingly sit for a fifty-minute essay?—Well, maybe you. Before you immediately say no—or […]

  • Which Schools Require SAT Subject Tests

    Right now, you’re probably just focused on getting through the SAT. Adding more to an already stressful test-day sounds terrible, I know—unless you are one of those test-loving, genius types. mahkotaqq But you just might want to consider the SAT Subject Tests. These are additional testing options that are subject-specific. There are 20 different optional […]

  • Which Law Schools Accept the GRE?

    We live in a time of constant change. Everywhere you look, what was once the norm is evolving to be more inclusive and the admission exams accepted by universities are no exception. Just as MBA programs are starting to accept GRE scores in lieu of GMAT scores, some law schools are accepting GRE scores in […]

  • What Grade Do You Take the SAT?

    High school is a busy time of life. You have a lot to think about—classes to study for, jobs, extracurriculars, friends… It’s hard to think about adding the stress of college prep, especially when it seems so far away. But, like it or not, high school is college prep. The decisions and choices you make […]

  • What Calculators Are Allowed on the SAT?

    Before you get all wound up about finding out what calculators are allowed on the SAT, make sure you understand why it matters. Why Are Calculators Allowed on the SAT? You probably know by now that the SAT includes two math sections, one called “No Calculator” and one called “Calculator.” Obviously the No Calculator test […]

  • What are SAT Subject Tests?

    Except for those colleges and universities that have gone test-optional, every school you’ll apply to requires a different combination of the SAT, ACT, and/or SAT Subject Tests. Some schools don’t require SAT Subject tests, and some require you submit ACT scores or the SAT plus Subject Tests. These combinations are always listed on each individual […]

  • The Princeton Review for SAT: An Honest Review

    The Princeton Review is one of the oldest and most successful test-prep companies around. Founded by a Princeton grad, they’ve been preparing students for the SAT (and a wide array of other standardized tests) since 1981. Thanks to those decades of experience, they’re experts on the complex world of college admissions testing. And because these […]


    As president of a tutoring company that tutors students privately all over the world for the SAT and ACT, there is no single question I am asked more consistently than, “Which test should I take? The SAT or ACT?” Both tests are purported to test a survey of things you’ve learned in high school, but […]

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