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  • How Many Passages Are In The SAT Reading

    The SAT Reading is a 65 minute test that always includes 52 questions. Those 52 questions cover 5 different reading passages, one of which is usually a double passage, which calls for the comparison of two shorter, related passages. According to the College Board, “The Reading Test always includes: One passage from a classic or […]

  • How Long is the SAT?

    It doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how much you love bubbling in answer sheets with a freshly sharpened number 2 pencil: the SAT is a long, exhausting test for everyone. Test Day: The Test Center’s Process for the SAT is Long and Involved You’ll need to arrive at the test center no later […]

  • How Long Does The SAT Take?

    The entire process of taking the SAT takes a long time. You’ll need to factor in the test center registration process, taking the SAT itself, and getting your scores back.   Test Center Registration Getting through the registration process for the SAT doesn’t take a long time necessarily, but you have to plan ahead.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get SAT Scores?

    The days between when you take the SAT and get your scores can be agonizing. Fortunately, for most SAT test dates, it usually doesn’t take too long to get SAT scores. How Long Does it Take to Get SAT Scores on Math and Reading Only?

  • How Long Are SAT Scores Valid?

    Most of us take the SAT while we are still in high school. But not everyone follows the so-called “traditional” route—straight from high school to college. In today’s world, more students are delaying their entry—later is becoming the norm. We know many colleges require the SAT, so how long are your SAT scores valid? There […]

  • How Is the SAT Scored?

    The SAT Is Scored on a Standard Scale When you’re used to your test scores in school being graded out of one hundred percent, understanding the scoring process on the SAT can be a little confusing. As of this writing, possible SAT scaled section scores are as follows: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section: 200 to […]

  • Best SAT Subject Tests Books

    Taking SAT Subject Tests is an exciting part of your college application process. You’re proving to admissions committees that you’re able to do academic work at an undergraduate level and that you have the determination and organizational skills to master a challenging subject-specific exam. The 20 SAT Subject Tests (still sometimes known as SAT II […]

  • The Best SAT Prep Courses

    You’re applying to the college of your dreams. Your application requires your SAT scores. The higher your SAT scores, the higher your odds of being accepted into the college of your choice. To that end, an SAT prep classes are the best way to become a top scorer! So here’s a pop quiz: What is […]

  • Best SAT Prep Books

    You’re standing at the base of Mount SAT, getting ready for the long, challenging climb. To reach your peak scores, you know you’re going to need the best equipment available.  But there’s a whole world of test-prep books out there. How do you know which ones will get you where you want to go? (Especially […]

  • Best SAT Prep App

    There’s definitely something fun about test-prep apps. You can carry them everywhere and do a little interactive practice any time you have a free moment. They may give you unexpected questions or guide your study in new and challenging directions. The good ones will respond to your input and help you zero in on the […]