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  • What is the Highest Sat Score?

    Studying for the SAT is a lot of work. But it is important. The SAT is a significant part of your college application process. Most colleges either require or recommend the SAT. The SAT is a good way for colleges to understand your academic capabilities. The tests are designed to show what you have learned […]

  • What Sat Score is Required for harvard?

    Harvard College is one of our nation’s most well-known institutions. Its renown comes partly from its rich history. But history isn’t enough to build the kind of reputation Harvard maintains.The school also has an excellent academic standing. Harvard was the first college established in the American Colonies. It was founded in 1636 to train Puritan […]

  • What Subjects Are on The Sat?

    Junior year. You’ve made it through your first years of high school. College is still two full years away. You’ve got time… so you thought. Until your school counselor announced it’s time to register for the SAT. What? Already? Do you need to study? What do you study? How do you study?… What subjects are […]

  • What to Bring To The Sat

    The last twelve years have all led to this moment. You’ve put in your time. You’ve studied. You’ve taken practice tests. You are ready for this. But even after all your hard work, it’s natural to be nervous for the SAT. One of the best ways to calm your nerves is to make sure you […]

  • When Did the SAT Start?

    Palms are sweating, hearts are pounding, backpacks are loaded with healthy snacks, scientific calculators, and freshly sharpened number two pencils—It’s a SAT Saturday and students are arriving at test centers across the country. There are a few rambunctious greetings, but mostly shy smiles and nervous chatter as students wait their turn to check in, clutching […]

  • When Do SAT Subject Scores Come Out?

    I know waiting is rough. You put a lot into studying for the SAT subject tests. You might even have the school of your dreams riding on them. You’re anxious to know if you need to retake them. You have a college application deadline coming soon. Or maybe you just made a bet with a […]

  • Which Colleges Require the SAT Essay?

    Tests can be intimidating. And for some students, adding a timed essay is downright terrifying. So as you sign up for the SAT, it’s easy to look at that optional essay and say “fuh-getta-bout-it.” I mean, who in their right mind would willingly sit for a fifty-minute essay?—Well, maybe you. Before you immediately say no—or […]

  • Which Schools Require SAT Subject Tests

    Right now, you’re probably just focused on getting through the SAT. Adding more to an already stressful test-day sounds terrible, I know—unless you are one of those test-loving, genius types. mahkotaqq But you just might want to consider the SAT Subject Tests. These are additional testing options that are subject-specific. There are 20 different optional […]

  • Which Law Schools Accept the GRE?

    We live in a time of constant change. Everywhere you look, what was once the norm is evolving to be more inclusive and the admission exams accepted by universities are no exception. Just as MBA programs are starting to accept GRE scores in lieu of GMAT scores, some law schools are accepting GRE scores in […]

  • What Is a Good SAT Essay Score?

    To Get a Good SAT Essay Score, Get the Purpose of the Essay When the new SAT was released a few years ago, the essay became an optional element of the test. Many colleges don’t require it for admissions, as it’s unclear if the essay measures something meaningful to a student’s application. Nevertheless, if a […]

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