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  • What to Bring to the MCAT

    At times, the stress of a looming MCAT test day can feel overwhelming, even after working with prep courses (like Kaplan and Magoosh) and materials. However, planning ahead to understand what you can control on test day can make the stress more bearable. One of the few things you will have control over on test […]

  • How Much Does the MCAT Cost?

    When you opt to become a doctor, nurse, or any other practitioner in the medical field, you’re making an investment. The road to the white coat comes with many different tolls that you have to pay to pass–and it all starts with the MCAT. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) first came into existence as […]

  • How Many Times Can You Take the MCAT?

    When you took the SAT or ACT for college admissions, you likely approached the test with the mindset that you can always retake until you get the score you want. For the MCAT, however, this mindset does not apply. This article explores both how many times you can take the MCAT and how many times […]

  • How Long is the MCAT?

    Preparing for the MCAT, which has a reputation of being long and grueling, can be a challenge without fully understanding its format. Fortunately, the length and structure of the MCAT is consistent, allowing one to better prepare for it with fewer surprises. MCAT Test Day Itinerary The MCAT’s total question-answering time is 6 hours and […]

  • How Long Are MCAT Scores Valid?

    Taking the MCAT (Medical College Application Test) usually means you’re ready to take the plunge into med school. Life happens, and sometimes that’s just not the case. How long are MCAT scores valid? Medical schools accept MCAT scores up to 2-3 years old. The MCAT is used to validate your preparedness for medical school, so […]

  • What Is the MCAT?

    “MCAT” stands for the Medical College Admissions Test. The MCAT is required for essentially all MD, DO, and podiatry programs in the United States and Canada. This article will help you understand what the MCAT is, enabling you to better prepare for the test and earn your best possible score. Recent MCAT Redesign The MCAT […]

  • How Hard Is the MCAT?

    Understandably, the MCAT has a reputation for being “hard.” Because difficulty is relative, this article compares the MCAT to other standardized tests, evaluating its structure, content, and weight in medical school admissions to assess its difficulty. Test Length: the MCAT vs. Other Standardized Tests When I was studying to take the MCAT for the first […]

  • Best MCAT Prep Books

    So you want to be a doctor when you grow up? Many aspects of you—the person—will be scrutinized and ultimately judged before you’re accepted into medical school. The MCAT, however, is the gateway, and it can either swing open or shut.  You can explain a marginal GPA due to extenuating circumstances, but the MCAT is […]

  • When to Take the MCAT

    Timing is a crucial element when deciding how to prepare for and when to take the MCAT. Taking the MCAT prematurely can lead to a score below your potential, whereas taking it too late can disrupt your medical school admissions process. I have taken the MCAT twice: once between my sophomore and junior years of […]