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  • How To Get a Fee Waiver for the SAT

    Life is expensive. You’re probably starting to feel it as you begin the process of applying for college. Most colleges have application fees. Then you have the testing fees. If you take the SAT, the expenses can really add up. It starts with the general SAT cost. But you may need to add the essay […]

  • How To Check SAT Scores

    You got through your big day. Sometimes it feels like those three letters—S-A-T—are all you’ve thought about for months. You dreamed about filling in bubbles and sharpening number two pencils. You’ve had nightmares of bringing a calculator to the no calculator math section. You’ve studied, you’ve done your reading, you’ve stressed, you’ve meditated on and […]

  • How To Cancel Your SAT Test

    Are you considering cancelling your SAT test? If so, you should carefully consider if cancelling is your best option. (After all, you’ve probably already spent a lot of time studying.) The College Board, the organization behind the SAT, understands that unexpected things happen. With large numbers of students converging upon testing centers throughout the testing […]

  • How to Calculate SAT Score

    Want to calculate your score on an SAT practice test? Or are you looking at your official score report and wondering what the numbers actually mean? Here are five easy steps to help you master the mysteries of SAT scoring.  

  • How Much Does the SAT Cost?

    It’s Saturday. High school students across the country converge upon college and high school campuses geared-up with number 2 pencils, scientific calculators, and healthy snacks.I know you are dying to join them. You’ve already sharpened your yellow Number 2s. But first, you need to register. And you’re wondering—how much does the SAT cost? How Much […]

  • How Many Times Can You Take the SAT?

    First, the facts: you’re technically allowed to take the SAT as many times as you choose. You can take the SAT in childhood, in fact, and many kids who are applying to talent search programs do so. This a safe choice because your SAT record is erased once you start 9th grade. Once high school […]

  • How Many Passages Are In The SAT Reading

    The SAT Reading is a 65 minute test that always includes 52 questions. Those 52 questions cover 5 different reading passages, one of which is usually a double passage, which calls for the comparison of two shorter, related passages. According to the College Board, “The Reading Test always includes: One passage from a classic or […]

  • How Long is the SAT?

    It doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how much you love bubbling in answer sheets with a freshly sharpened number 2 pencil: the SAT is a long, exhausting test for everyone. Test Day: The Test Center’s Process for the SAT is Long and Involved You’ll need to arrive at the test center no later […]

  • How Long Does The SAT Take?

    The entire process of taking the SAT takes a long time. You’ll need to factor in the test center registration process, taking the SAT itself, and getting your scores back.   Test Center Registration Getting through the registration process for the SAT doesn’t take a long time necessarily, but you have to plan ahead.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get SAT Scores?

    The days between when you take the SAT and get your scores can be agonizing. Fortunately, for most SAT test dates, it usually doesn’t take too long to get SAT scores. How Long Does it Take to Get SAT Scores on Math and Reading Only?