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  • What Calculators Are Allowed on the SAT?

    Before you get all wound up about finding out what calculators are allowed on the SAT, make sure you understand why it matters. Why Are Calculators Allowed on the SAT? You probably know by now that the SAT includes two math sections, one called “No Calculator” and one called “Calculator.” Obviously the No Calculator test […]

  • What are SAT Subject Tests?

    Except for those colleges and universities that have gone test-optional, every school you’ll apply to requires a different combination of the SAT, ACT, and/or SAT Subject Tests. Some schools don’t require SAT Subject tests, and some require you submit ACT scores or the SAT plus Subject Tests. These combinations are always listed on each individual […]

  • The Princeton Review for SAT: An Honest Review

    The Princeton Review is one of the oldest and most successful test-prep companies around. Founded by a Princeton grad, they’ve been preparing students for the SAT (and a wide array of other standardized tests) since 1981. Thanks to those decades of experience, they’re experts on the complex world of college admissions testing. And because these […]


    As president of a tutoring company that tutors students privately all over the world for the SAT and ACT, there is no single question I am asked more consistently than, “Which test should I take? The SAT or ACT?” Both tests are purported to test a survey of things you’ve learned in high school, but […]

  • Pocket Guide to the SAT

    It seems like every year the process of applying to college gets more complicated. Students make interview videos, assemble elaborate resumes, and pull together transcripts from high school, online learning, and sometimes even college courses.  Earning the best standardized test score you can is usually part of that process. Everyone needs to figure out how […]

  • Kaplan SAT Prep Review

    Kaplan has been around almost since the invention of standardized testing. They’ve been preparing students for the SAT (and a plethora of other educational exams) for over 80 years.Like all of the famous old test-prep companies, Kaplan made its name through in-person classes and tutoring. More recently, they’ve added a spectrum of online options to […]

  • How to Write the SAT Essay

    Understanding how to write the SAT essay can be a little intimidating.  There’s no multiple choice to fall back on with the SAT essay. It’s just you, some paper, and a Number 2 pencil, writing an essay out of thin air. When it feels so open-ended, how do you know exactly what to write for […]

  • How to Send SAT Scores to NCAA

    I had dreams of being a college track star. Unfortunately, winning a few races in my small high school league didn’t really translate to college-level competition. So, I settled for college intramurals and the occasional weekend half marathon. But if you’ve got what it takes to be a college athlete, there are some steps you […]

  • How to Send SAT Scores

    Use Forethought and Strategy to Send SAT Scores The College Board allows students to send scores for free to four colleges when they register for an SAT and up to 9 days after students take that particular test. This is a useful and cost-effective way to send scores to colleges, and many colleges take advance […]

  • How to Reschedule the SAT

    In an ideal world, everything would always go according to plan. Roads would never be closed. Traffic would always flow perfectly. Accidents, injuries, sicknesses—they wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, the unexpected does happen. Things go wrong. We miss a bus. We get snowed in. We get sick. We over-sleep. You name it. We’re human, right? But what […]

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