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  • What Did Elle Woods Get on the LSAT?

    The early 2000s were such a heyday for feel-good light-hearted comedies. One of the most enduring has been Legally Blonde. Reese Witherspoon starred as Elle Woods in this tale of… well, riches to more riches wherein an affable but ditzy sorority girl sets her sights on, and succeeds in, getting into Harvard Law School to […]

  • Best GRE Prep Courses

    The GRE isn’t easy, nor is finding the best GRE prep course. There are so many options, comparing all of them can feel as complex as a critical reading passage filled with words you wouldn’t even know were in the English language. However, if looking at the bigger picture (as any good reader should) you […]

  • Prepscholar sat review

    PrepScholar is a relatively new company, founded in 2013 by Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang. Both men earned perfect scores on the SAT, then moved on to a series of dazzling academic achievements (Harvard PhDs, anyone?) before joining forces to create PrepScholar. PrepScholar New SAT aims to avoid the weakness of most automated test-prep programs: […]

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